"Watch me perform! I walk a tightrope of unique design."
Lenni Shender Goldstein


Marc Mathelier

Beginning to play the guitar at the age of eleven, Marc Mathelier is a versatile and avid musician with a repertoire ranging from Baroque to Fusion-Alternative, New Age to Easy Listening and Classical to Jazz Standards on nylon strings guitar.
Marc he has been featured nationally and internationally during his brilliant career. He has presented over four hundred fifty performances while providing ever-constant support to a number of non-profit organizations and fundraisers. Additionally, he lends his talent of recording to many film projects and featured documentaries. Besides his first cd in 1996: “Afternoon Under the Patio”; he also release a second cd “Sounds and Legends” in 1998. Marc Mathelier composer have contributed his original music to several poetry projects through the years. Under MAMI Productions in 2011 “Souvenir” a cd project featuring Marc and Award Winning vocalist Michèle Sorel is presented with great success.
His latest project: “Nostalgia” was released in September 2016 to wave reviews and a nomination for Best Guitar Solo Album (2016 ) by the American Guitar Association (A.G.A)
Marc Mathelier is a refreshing alternative to today’s standard performances. His music takes us on romantic and exotic voyages that celebrate Love and Life. 
With deepened artistry and incomparable guitar technique Marc’s music transforms. “It’s a State of Mind”. As he tastefully arranges and creates each piece of music Marc successfully maintains an introspective moods throughout his performance. His mastery of the guitar and his variety of styles make him a virtuoso. The exquisite sound of Marc Mathelier captures a distinct spirit of passion. The purity of his playing elevates and suspends listeners leaving them with a lasting impression and a desire to hear more.
A winner of numerous awards, Marc has concertized with taste at Teatro Oficina (Sao Paulo, Brazil), Conservatoire de Montreal (Canada). In the United States he graces many distinguished stages including on New York City Broadway, Carnegie Hall, Berkley Performance Center (Boston, MA) and Daughters of American Revolution Constitution Hall (Washington, DC) and has been featured with the Rockland County Chorale Society. 
He has also been presented in Scholarly Lecture Conference and Master Class at several universities namely Syracuse University, New York University and the University of Maryland.